• Competitive Bidding

    DHM is a trusted partner for competitive, fair bidding. When DHM is awarded a bid, customers can count on innovative mechanical solutions, superior project planning, and outstanding craftsmanship. DHM is always ready to supply a competitive price on customers' plan and spec projects.

    Design and Build

    The usability and function of a building depends on the mechanical systems - the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, piping, and controls that make facilities efficient, safe, and comfortable. The Davis-Houk team believes the key is in the Design of the right systems and ensuring that professional, experienced craftsmen complete the Build.

    Give DHM a space, and the team will develop and plan a system that combines functionality with creative, cost effective, environmentally-sound solutions. By combining engineering expertise and construction experience, the Davis-Houk team can take a complete building or single floor and design a system for optimal comfort levels and requirements. Or let us take an existing space and help reconfigure it to meet your needs for efficiency and cost savings.

    Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System - Urbana, IL

  • 901 University Ave - Urbana, IL

Turn Key Solutions

By combining engineering expertise and construction experience, the Davis-Houk streamlined process results in cost effective solutions that come in on time and within budget. The DHM Licensed Engineers, Project Managers and On-Site Professionals bring years of experience and a creative problem solving approach to each project.

When the work is complete, our specialized start-up mechanics take responsibility for bringing each system on line.

The DHM team works with clients during the commissioning process to ensure that the mechanical system is not only installed as designed, but that it performs consistent with the design intent and the customer's expectations. The DHM team takes responsibility for all aspects of the mechanical system including design, construction, and commissioning.

DHM partnered on a design-build project for the Integrated Bioresearch Lab, a new state-of-the-art facility at the University of Illinois. Being a laboratory, the facility has highly complicated HVAC and plumbing systems, as well as stainless steel orbital welded process piping throughout the building.